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plant label

  • Автор:Mia Yi
  • Отпустите на:2019-01-07
Plant label:

Some people may be confused when so many plants look similar in the garden.So it's necessary for people to have a plant label to mark the plant .You can write the plant name ,functions and so on.

In which situations,plant labels are s must for you:

1.If you are growing food and are reliant on family member to pick your produce;

2.If you have UFOs (Unidentified Food Objects)in your garden;

3.If you are learning to identify plants or save seeds;

4.share an allotment;

5.If you want to avoid losing your bulbs every year

6.If you want to protect your plant.

In these situations,you need a plant label to mark your plant.Our plant is made from natural slate stone,you can write anything you want on it with soap pen .There are different shape you can choose and it also can be customized shape.

Want to know more? click here :slate label

slate label

slate label

slate label