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What's the difference between slate plate and normal plate?

  • Author:Mia Yi
  • Release on:2019-01-03
What's the difference between slate plate and normal plate?

Plates are utensils for food. We often use them to hold meals, which must be available to almost every household. There are many kinds of plates, such as plastic plates, ceramic plates, metal plates, etc. Different types of plates have different characteristics. Let's have a talk about the difference between slate plate and normal plate.

一、What's the slate plate?

Slate plate:it is a plate which is made from natural slate.Slate is a natural material ,With security features.Slate from various locations around the world has some variations.The density of the slate is important in the quality of the product produced for serving ware.

slate plate

二、What are the classifications of the plates?

According to the material points

(1) Plastic plates:such as PP and PE;

(2) Ceramic plates:they are mainly based on household ceramics;

(3) Metal plates:stainless steel, aluminum, tin, tinplate, etc.;

(4) Wooden plate:Mainly used for cooking dishes

三、Is Slate Food Safe?

We take great care and personal effort to ensure that our products are food safe. We ensure this through our choice of dense slate, how we manufacture, and how we seal the slate. The density is very important, as the more dense the slate, The less likely it will flake in your food, that combined with our manufacturing practices, we guarantee that our boards won't flake. We also seal our product with food-safe mineral oil.

In addition,we are direct factory,with over 15 years manufacturing experience,We mainly produce high end slate tableware products and slate craft,likeslate plate,slate cheese board,slate coaster,slate gift&decorsetc.

Please feel free to contact us,we can offer you the good service and low price with high quality.