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UV printing anti-ultraviolet
Release on2019-06-21UV printing anti-ultraviolet Slate can be used for hanging tag, labels, etc. These are used outdoors. But after long time exposure to sunlight and ult...Read More
Slate surface with coating
Release on2019-06-18Slate surface with coating Natural slate is grey-black. It is easy to stick fingerprints in the process of use. Oil stains can also penetrate into the...Read More
Machine Printing Replaces Traditional Screen Printing
Release on2019-06-12Machine Printing Replaces Traditional Screen Printing Because of the characteristics of slate, there are natural lines on the surface. Traditional scr...Read More
Assembly Line Packaging Improves Production Efficiency of Slate
Release on2019-06-10Assembly Line Packaging Improves Production Efficiency of Slate Ouhai Stone upgraded the existing production techno...Read More
New technology improves slate processing efficiency
Release on2019-05-28New technology improves slate processing efficiency Ouhai Stone introduced a water knife to cut slate with high pressure water. The waterjet is cold-c...Read More